Jacqueline specialized in Brazilians and Brows as they are the most challenging to perform waxing services.  She has received her license of Esthetician since 1997 and she has over 20 years experience in customer service of owning and operating numerous day spas. Resuming with that same intensity of work ethic and efficiency, she developed a passion for the art of body waxing and has devoted her effort to customize speed waxing techniques for every skin and hair type while minimizing discomfort and maximizing hair removal yet with a touch of pampering, personalizing and catering for every individual needs.

Waxing | Suite located in Congressional Plaza North, Rockville, Maryland.  We specializing in full body waxing service catering to the needs of men and women. 

Our mission is to providing premium quality waxing service in a clean and comfortable environment with exceptional product at incredibly affordable and competitive prices.

At Waxing | Suite, our top professionalism and expertise skills continue providing quality work to exceed your expectation and satisfaction.

Waxing | Suite


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Premium Service  | Exceptional Product | Incredibly Affordable